Latina Empowerment

She is Beautiful. She is Powerful. She is Graceful.
She is the greatest influence in my life. She is my mother.
I am her, and she lives in me.

Women, we hold great influence in our homes; among our families and in our communities. It is time to use that influence and build Latina Power.

This pandemic has shown us what is most important, safety and well being of the family. Suddenly we are all faced with, what if I am not here any longer who will take care of my family? With our influence we can ensure our families have health care, we can ensure our children have education and better paying job opportunities.

As we are on the brink of a presidential election our awareness of politics is urgent. The only way we will see long term solutions is to get the women involved NOW. We must build and have such strength that our voices will be heard. We need to be One Million Latinas Strong.

One Million Latinas Strong?

Does that speak to you? Can you see US coming together and being the change we need to see in our communities?

Can we set a goal to register every woman we know to our sisterhood and to vote? 

Can we change the path of the United States?

Are WE the solution?

I believe we are, I believe we can. I believe that if we set a goal to mobilize 1,000,000 women that we can do it.