2020 presents a historic opportunity for latinas to make their mark on a national, state and local government level… politicians must keep Latinas as part of the conversation. Latinas have the magical glue that binds families together, and we also are able to bring communities together.
 - Caroline Contreras CoChair Los Angeles Lulac Council 3290

La mujer en estas elecciones tiene que votar, tiene que comenzar a motivar, tiene que llevar a sus hijos con derecho a voto. A sus familiares a que ejerzan su voto.

Que la única raza, los únicos grupos, que están levantando esa agricultura esa producción en los campos se llaman los inmigrantes y los Latinos que se sirven en los Estados Unidos. Y son los latinos que se tienen que ocupar las posiciones gubernamentales. Porque estando dentro es como podemos ayudar a los nuestros.
 - Elsie Ramos

As we know in latino households pretty much everyone follows the mother - the grandmother so when a latina woman goes to vote she will definitely be taking more than one person with her. The Matriarch it’s cultural for us. I actually still live with my 93 year old grandmother. I take care of her. I am her primary care giver so culturally we understand and respect what the woman has sacrificed throughout the years. We are the nurturers, we are the ones that take care, we can definitely make sure that we are taking care of others. Its natural for Latina women to make sure we are taken care of at all levels.
 - Ralina Cardona Lulac National VP for the far east.